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How does our investment program work?

The program guarantees a minimum return on investment calculated by our Investment Calculator.

Optimization & maximization & saving time

The program is a modern long-term strategy of regular cost optimization, maximizing profits and saving time in the company. The program allows you to improve the efficiency of your business, helps you manage risk better, use better product distribution channels or customer service, gives you the opportunity to withdraw from unprofitable ideas and implement new solutions. By maximizing profits, the company gets the opportunity to introduce modern production technologies, expand the sales network, better logistics, train employees, and use more modern marketing techniques. However, saving time allows the entrepreneur to calmly analyze the processes taking place in the company or simply to devote free time to his passions, hobbies, family and his health.

Automation – a cost-free               employee 365 days a year

Entrepreneurs planning to employ employees must take into account the necessity of bearing many costs. These are not only the cost of remuneration itself, but also the provision of the workplace and the tools necessary to perform it. Part of the amount of employee’s social security contributions significantly increases the cost of the remuneration itself. Our investment program functions as a robotized process automation, self-regulating, present 365 days a year 24 hours a day a fully qualified employee. This program is fully automated, independent of the human factor, which generates profit constantly, continuously, regardless of external factors. In addition, the program just as a most trusted employee, is covered by a confidentiality clause.

Guarantee of minimum return on investment

The program provides a minimum return on investment calculated through the Investment Calculator, located at our site www.RoyalConsultingInt.com. The program is designed for people who value safety particularly and who expect guaranteed investment income regardless of the economic situation on the financial markets. An important guarantor is the fact that if the profit differs from the calculations of the Investment Calculator, it is overpaid to the Investor (sīc erat scriptum!), which is stipulated in the Cooperation Agreement.

Passive income in the form of     additional salary

The extra income in a household is a huge step towards financial freedom for many of us. The program provides certainty, security, stability and predictability of the minimum return on investment, is a concrete, effective and reliable way to generate additional salary at home or income, enabling better education of children, starting your own business, fulfilling dreams related to costly passion or simply securing for a peaceful old age.


Investment calculator

How to become an investor?

2. You will receive a Program Map along with a calculation of your investment profit.

3. Sign the contract electronically or arrange a personal meeting in a law office. 

4. Make an investment capital payment.

5. We will include you in our prestigious investment program within 48 hours.

Cards for prestigious investors

Our personalized prestigious credit cards are made of 99.9% pure gold, 92.5% pure silver and 99.9% pure platinum. They are worldwide acceptance, made of real precious metals, payment diskettes, the limit of which is the investment profit balance.

Silver 2 500 000 Euro
Gold 7 500 000 Euro
Platinum 15 000 000 Euro
History of our investors

Until now, the company had to achieve a turnover of EUR 1,000,000 to achieve a profit of 15%, i.e. EUR 150,000, which covered the fixed costs of salary, rent and rent.


A one-time investment of EUR 1,000,000.


Company achieved an average of 21.63% of the monthly profit at the turn of six months! The investment gives the company a profit of 210,630.00 EUR.

Agricultural enterprise

The farmer invested profit from the sale of part of his farm to be able to modernize the remaining part and pay off the farm’s bank liabilities.


An investment of PLN 9,000,000 made in July 2019.


By November 2019 Farmer earns an average of 28.8% per month! So 2,592,000 a month, PLN 86,400 a day

Private Investment

The 2 + 2 family decided to invest in our investment program so that the mother of the children could change her work system from full-time in half.


Total investment of 50,000 PLN.


This family earns on average 14.03% per month! So 7,015 PLN per month or 233.83 PLN per day!

Our Social Responsibility

Royal Consulting International supports the statutory objectives of the international For Their Kids Foundation, which deals with the search for abducted, missing and kidnapped children.

1% of our investment profit goes to the construction of an European Center for the Treatment of Psychological Trauma by Children and Adults.

Treatment at the Foundation Center For Their Kids will be fully refunded. Both for victims of abduction or kidnapping and for those who have suffered serious psychological trauma as a result of psychological, physical or sexual violence.

You can also become a short-term Investor of For Their Kids Foundation. Find out how by sending us an email: office@royalconsultingint.com or by contacting the Foundation directly at info@fortheirkids.eu

Through our investment program we also want to give other non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise funds for their statutory purposes. After just five months of investment, it is possible to return the full amount of investment capital to an Investor, who then has the opportunity to continue investing to optimize costs or maximize the profits of the company.


We work internationally. We can establish direct online cooperation and send confidential documents by courier. However, we run personal meetings with our investors in Europe and elsewhere.

By contacting us you will get professional and substantial help that will allow you to become an Investor today and receive one of our limited credit cards made of precious gold, silver, platinum. Become familiar with our Investment Calculator now and get a minimum return on investment guaranteed. By investing with us you also become a donor of the For Their Kids Foundation.

By helping others, you help yourself!


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